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Franzie’s Flower Friends exists to deliver repurposed flowers to non-profits, healthcare centers and women’s shelters to boost moral, encourage and motivate. All supplies and unusable flowers are recycled and or composted.

We couldn't do this without our partners.


  • Franzie's Flower Friends recycle and reuse flowers which are no longer fresh enough to be sold in the grocery stores we partner with. 

  • Instead of the dumpster, these repurposed flowers find a new home and brighten someone's day, even if just for a day.

  • The process has more than one positive impact by also reducing waste in the community.

  • Before these flowers go in the dumpster, Franzie's Flower Friends volunteers select the ones suitable to be repurposed.

  • All other unusable flowers will be composted with a local partner in the community.

  • Community outreach is being provided by mentioning our partners on the card that goes in each bouquet, so the recipient knows their donor.

  • Franzie's Flower Friends is an IRS registered 501(c)3 charity and provides donation history and tax information to enable participating businesses and partners to write-off donations as a charitable gift.


  • As many funerals see an abundance of flowers going to waste, families who receive them in the first place have a chance to share the love they have received from family and friends with others.

  • Franzie's Flower Friends will handle all the logistics with the venue partner and collect any left over flowers.

  • These flowers will be repurposed if possible or composted if not. Either way, individuals can do good in the community and bring smiles to people when they need them.

  • We respect the individual donor's privacy but are happy to include their names on the cards that come with each bouquet.


  • Studies have shown the benefits of flowers in patients' hospital rooms. According to studies conducted, flowers can help with: reducing the 

    • Reducing the length of hospital stays​

    • Lowering levels of pain, anxiety and blood prssure

    • Promoting positive feelings

    • More positive feelings

  • Enhanced mood, lower requirements for post-surgery pain medication, less pain and other benefits can be attributed to hospital patients who have flowers in their room.

  • Franzie's Flower Friends partners with local healthcare providers to enhance such benefits by supplying beautiful arrangements made from flowers our partners have donated.


  • Franzie's Flower Friends do not compete with other flowers shops and businesses.

  • Rather, our goal is to use the already existing network of floral professionals in the local market to strengthen the positive impact repurposed flowers will have on people who are otherwise overlooked when it comes to giving the gift of beautiful flower bouquets.

  • Additionally, we promote the positive impact of recycle, reuse and compost rather than discard.



  • Corporate partners such as hotels, corporations, etc. can benefit by promoting their brand through the Franzie's Flower Friends charitable program.

  • Social responsibility and community outreach are platforms which allow our partners to align their corporate values with our mission and promote the same goal. Doing good in more than one way.

  • A variety of events and custom tailored programs are available, such as charitable drives, event sponsorship, team activities, volunteering, percentage-of-sales promotions, etc., to combine social and communal consciousness with an opportunity to promote your brand and reach new clients

Our Partners
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