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Our Story

When our President & CEO Franceska McCaughan saw how much “waste” was generated from the floristry industry, she vowed that when she was in a position to do so, she would create a non-profit arm of her business Franzie’s Flower Design to give back to her community. Introducing Franzie’s Flower Friends, a non-profit organization who assists florists and other members of the community to give back through flower donations, hard-goods and composting. Launching in September 2018.

Our Mission

Franzie’s Flower Friends exists to deliver repurposed flowers to non-profits, healthcare centers and women’s shelters to boost moral, encourage and motivate. All supplies and unusable flowers will be recycled and or composted.

Our History

Founded: June 29, 2018

Launch: September 5, 2018


Recycling flowers is the method behind OUR mission. We strive to recycle up to 100 percent of the arrangements we receive. In future, we hope to facilitate clippings and other green waste to be composted and used by landscapers, gardeners and other partners in the community.

Our organization is dedicated to keeping as much floral materials out of the landfills as possible.

At the conclusion of our recycling and repurposing efforts, the recipient is delivered a bouquet of flowers and offered encouragement, support and a moment of human connection. 

Sustainable Solutions
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